how many followers do you have?

  • xx.xxx lovely followers

how many blogs do you follow?

  • I follow around 130 blogs +/-
follow me?
  • I don’t follow people on request
promote me/vote for me/reblog this?
  • Maybe. If I follow you

promo for promo/double promo?

  • Not unless I talk to you, other than that no.

check out my blog?

  • Sure, why not? leave a message (:

why did you unfollowed me?

  • because we don’t have the same tastes anymore
  • you post too much writing
  • you post too many promo games
  • you’re inactive
  • because I don’t like your blog anymore

how can I talk to you?

  • Skype: andreoverpower
  • Kik: andrepaixao


  • follow me: andrepaixa0